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Arte e Finanza, l'Etica in dialogo

Personal exhibition of Gianfranco Gentile.
In collaboration with Etica Finanziaria.
The exhibition will be held from 6th of December 2018 to 31st of January 2019 and will open on 6th of December at 6:30 pm, at Etica Finanziaria Consulting Srl, Via San Zeno, 63 - 25124 Brescia (Italy).
The artist will be present during the opening, where we will introduce the culture at the base of the Ethical Art Movement, underlining the artist's environmental commitment and the conceptual reference developed in his original artworks.

Ethical Art Manifesto

Ethical Art
Ethical Art
Please read on-line the Ethical Art Manifesto and find the links to the single art Manifesto of each of the artists belongin to the Ethical Art Movement.