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Third Paradise in Arena

Third Paradise in Arena of Verona
Third Paradise in Arena of Verona
The Third Paradise returns into the Arena, thanks to the commitment of Cittadellarte embassy in Verona (with Ambassador Paolo Mozzo), the support of Fortunato D'Amico and curated by Sandro Orlandi Stagl. Michelangelo Pistoletto decided to add three significant words, so that this second edition, hosted by the Festival della Bellezza, would propose an improvement over the first, especially in communicating to the festival visitors a message in harmony and in line with the values of the Third Paradise.

Curitiba Biennale - Brasil

Museo Paranaense - Biennale di Curitiba
Museo Paranaense - Biennale di Curitiba
In the occasion to present the book, is back online the first major international institutional exhibition of the Ethical Art Movement, at the Curitiba Bienniale in Brasil, in the Museu Paranaense. Special Guests: He Yunchang, Wang Qingsong, Angel Lima, Guita Soifer and Sergio Racanati.
Exhibition prorogued until a date to be defined!

Artists belonging to the Ethical Art Movement:
Franco Mazzucchelli,
Marco Gradi,
Gianfranco Gentile,
Matteo Mezzadri,
Carlo Bonfà,
Alessandro Zannier,
Marco Bertin,
Alberto Salvetti,
Julia Bornefeld,
Marica Moro,
Jorge R. Pombo,
Luigi Dellatorre,

Ethical Art Manifesto

Ethical Art
Ethical Art

The project of the Ethical Art has also been updated and invests in artists who set their work in harmony with the Ethical Art Manifesto, based on a strong attitude of Social Responsibility; artists work in favor of change, raising awareness in people, to dream and create a better environment, cleaner and shared energy, a more sustainable economy, integrated and welcoming cities and a world without wars.

Every great artistic project in history has always been fueled by a courageous group of supporters. What we call Art Angel: collectors of Ethical Art, who invest in the realization of the project and who will be able to enjoy the fruits that the project will have generated, both economically and in terms of personal growth and social return. The Art Angel will become the holder of a Cultural Passport, on which to deposit the visas of the ethical artists collected, which will open more and more doors of art and culture.