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Curitiba Biennale - Brasil

Museo Paranaense - Biennale di Curitiba
Museo Paranaense - Biennale di Curitiba
Opened the first major international institutional exhibition of the Ethical Art Movement, at the Curitiba Bienniale in Brasil, in the Museu Paranaense. Special Guests: He Yunchang, Wang Qingsong, Angel Lima, Guita Soifer and Sergio Racanati.
From 21st of September 2019 to 1st of March 2020.

Artists belonging to the Ethical Art Movement:
Franco Mazzucchelli,
Marco Gradi,
Gianfranco Gentile,
Matteo Mezzadri,
Carlo Bonfà,
Alessandro Zannier,
Marco Bertin,
Alberto Salvetti,
Julia Bornefeld,
Marica Moro,
Jorge R. Pombo,
Luigi Dellatorre,

Ethical Art Manifesto

Ethical Art
Ethical Art
Please read on-line the Ethical Art Manifesto and find the links to the single art Manifesto of each of the artists belongin to the Ethical Art Movement.