Chen Danyang


Foto Chen Danyang

Nasce nel 1976 in Xiangshan, Zhejiang.
Vive e lavora a Shanghai.

Mostre personali e colletive (selezione):
Man Ting Fang Contemporary Art Exhibition, Ju Rong Xuan, Shanghai
“Memory of Tu Shan Wan” Tu Shan Wan Museum Artwork Selection Exhibition
“Six-Artist Chinese and Foreign” Group Show, Zhengzhou Jinqiu Art Museum, Zhenzhou, Henan
“Portrait of Fan Yanzuo”collected by Tu Shan Wan Museum
Chen Danyang Contemporary Abstract Painting Show, Tu Shan Wan Art Museum
Art Sight magazine recommended Chen as one of the artists whose work possesses the most academic value and aesthetic potential.
“Who Understands Art?” Chen Danyan Solo Show, Being 3 Gallery, Beijing

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