Lan Zhenghui


Foto Lan Zhenghui

Nasce a Sichuan, Cina

Laurea presso la Shenyang University, China
Published art work of concept and installation “an urgent telegraph recentlyunearthed and uninterpretable sent from B.C. to A.D.”
BA - Fine Art Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts of China, Sichuan (China)
Teaching Art in Chongqing University after graduation, Sichuan (China)
Attending “Huangshan Conference” (one of tne most important events for China Contemporary Art)
China Modern Art First Exhibition, at National Art Museum of China, Beijing (China)
The Fisrt China Art Fair, Guangzhou (China)
Ink painting installation exhibition, Hong Kong (China)
The 14th Asia International Art Exhibition, Fukuoka (Japan)
Organized and joined five-artists exhibition “Accumulated Emotion” in Fan Gallery, , Beijing (China)
Solo exhibition of “Powerful Ink painting Art by Zhenghui Lan” in Guangdong provincial Art Museum, Guangzhou (China)
The Is Gallery's Annual Juired Exhibition 2003 and the creation performance of the work 'stride', Toronto (Canada)
“X' uan Motion – The Contemporary Language of X' uan Paper show”, Toronto (Canada)
The Latcham Gallery's Annual Juried Exhiobition 2004, Toronto (Canada)
Solo Exhibition of Powerful Ink Painting Art by Zhenghui Lan, Toronto (Canada)
Solo Exhibition “Contemporary Ink Painting Special Show by Zhenghui Lan” for 1000 Years Celebration of Porcelain, Jingdezhen, (China)
“2005 Asian Heritage Month GTA – The Great Waterfalls painting show”, Toronto (China)
“Celebrate China” Ink painting show at The Groton Cultural Arts Center, New York (USA)
Grant:Ontario Art Council Grants to Visual Art
Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition 2006, Toronto (Canada)
“The First Invite Exhibition of the Shueimo Union of SongZhuang China”, Beijing (China)
Solo Exhibition “Heavy ink painting by Zhenghui Lan” in National Art Museum of China, Beijing
The 2nd invite Exhibition of the Shueimo Union of SongZhuang China”, Beijing (China)
Group Exhibition “I am in it” Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition, Florida (USA)
Big Size Abstract Art Exhibition in Beijing Royal city art museum, Beijing (China)
Seoul International Modern Calligraphic art exhibition, Korea
China blue, katrinetorps Chinese Contemporary ink-painting exhibition, Sweden
Group Exhibition “Contemporary Ink Art Evolution”, Beijing (China)
Alisan Fine Arts Gallery “I am in it”, Hong Kong (China)
Jakarda O house gallery “mighty rain”, Lan Zhenghui's sole exhibition, Indonesia
Shanghai New Ink Painting Art Exhibition, SDMOMA, Shanghai (China)
The Third Abstraction, Contrasts Gallery, Shanghai (China)
“Crossflow – Motion”, Lan Zhenghui's sole exhibition at Energy Gallery, Toronto (Canada)
Toronto Art EXPO 2010, Toronto (Canada)
Art Dubai 2010, Dubai (UAE)
“Ink - Painting Mode and Space”, Group exhibition at The Shueimo Union of SongZhuang China, Beijing (China)
“The Era of Ink Painting”, Group exhibition at SDMOMA, Shanghai (China)

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