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Nubian, (Egypt and Sudan), born in Cairo in 1957, since 1979 he has lived and worked in Italy.
Fathi’s Nubian origins are to be found in the south of Egypt, in the city of Toscka. There where, in the 1960’s, the terrible drama of the Nile floods took place, along with the ensuing destruction and human desperation, lie Fathi’s family roots. The members of this family, named Kekhia, were noble warriors and farmers who in time became village chiefs, and their name has been passed down from ancient Egypt to the present day. As is the case with other Nubian families, Fathi’s family is essentially matriarchal.
Fathi studied at Naples Fine Art School, finishing his studies in 1984. During his student years he encountered the “Falso Movimento” theatre group (Naples) and participated with them as actor and collaborator in their stage production of “Othello”. Among the important reference points to the Naples cultural scene of these years figure Lucio Amelio, Filiberto Menna, e Mario Martone, all of whom become friends with Fathi and also his supporters. Fathi received important recognition from the Egyptian Ministery of Culture in 1989, and he was the first artist to be selected to present Africa at the “Aperto 88”section of the Venice Modern Art Biennial.

Mostre personali e collettive (selezione):

Ronchini Contemporary Art, Terni.
Palazzo Chigi, Viterbo.
Annina Nosei Gallery, New York.
Annina Nosei Studio, Rome.
Per Mari e Monti Gallery, Macerata.
The Cat and the Fox Monti Gallery, Rome.
Trevi Flash Art Musem
Palazzo Fazio, Capua (CE)
Spaziotempo, (FI)
Livingart, (MI)

Art Naw, Capua (CE)
Mashrabia Gallery,Cairo/ V.S.V. Torino.
Contemporary African Art, Sala Uno, Rome
l’Idioma Gallery, Ascoli Piceno
notes on Art in Le Marche at the end of the 80’s, Dedalos, S.Severo.
Fiera Pordenone.
Rispoli Gallery, Rome
Villa Anselmi, Verona; Ponte Pietra Gallery, Verona
Castel Ganda, Appiano (BZ)
A. Signetti Gallery, Torino.
Paola Verrengia Gallery, Salerno

Ass. Mediterranea, Molfetta (BA)
Il Fiorile Gallery, Bologna
Rocca Malatestiana, municipality of Fano.
Vanlose, Denmark.
Civic Museum, Promotor of Fine Arts, Torino.
Oprandi Gallery, Bergamo.
Vietri sul Mare, (Salerno)
Palazzo Reale, Naples
Seno Gallery, (MI)

Seno Gallery, Milan
Doks Dora, Torino.
revi Flash Art Museum.
Brussels, Belgium, organised
Participation in International shows with the Oprandi Gallery, Bergamo,
in Hong Kong, Beirut, Brussels, Paris, Granada.

Italian Institute for Africa and the Orient, Rome.
Biblo Gallery, Treviso
Rosini Gallery, Riccione.
Oprandi Gallery, Bergamo.
Una Arte Gallery, Fano.
Skoto Gallery, New York.
Ass. Arte Incontro, Ancona.
Trevi Flash Art Museum.
Mashrabia Gallery, Cairo.
Mashrabia Gallery, Cairo, Egypt.
Gasparelli Gallery, Fano

Centre for Visual Arts “Pescheria”
Palazzo Reale, Naples.
Municipal Gallery of Modern Art, Rome
Mazzullo Foundation, Palermo

University of Pavia
Vanvitellian Pier, Ancona
Comune di Valgatara, Verona
Monti Gallery, Rome.
Pack Gallery, Milan
Monti Gallery, Rome
Trevi Flash Art Museum

Palazzo Pegorini, Parma, Italian Art
Art-Pro-Art, Lahr, Germany
Benciv Art Gallery, Pesaro
Galleria Oprandi, Bergamo
Galleria Rosini, Riccione.
Palazzo degli Esposizioni Roof Garden, Rome.
Municipality of Rastatt, Germany
Palazzo Albani, Municipality of Urbino
Spirale Arte, Pietrasanta, Florence.
Spirale Arte, Verona,
Pio Monte Gallery, Rome.
Galleria dell’Immagine, Municipal Museums, Rimini
Sala Uno, Rome, organised by M.A. Schrott.
Municipality of Cologne, Brescia
Benciv Art Gallery, Pesaro.
Palazzo Sora, Palazzo Esposizioni, Rome

The Library of Alexandria, Egypt.
Institut du Monde Arabe, Paris
Archaeological Museum and Temple of Fortune Primigenia
Municipality of Palestrina, Rome.
Excalibur Gallery, Arona, Stresa
Municipality of Villaricca, Naples
Municipality of Altomonte (Cosenza)
Church of San Bartolomeo/Limiti Gallery, (CB).
Brussels, organised by A. Capasso.
Molfetta, Bari, organised by Luciana Cataldo.
Spazio Symphonia, Milan
Gallery Grant, Cairo, Egypt

Graphique Art Gallery, Bologna.
Fusion Art Gallery, Turin
Andrea Gallery, Vicenza
Benciv Art Gallery, Pesaro.
Michetti Museum, Francavilla (Pescara)
Egyptian Academy, Rome
Loggiato San Bartolomeo, Palermo
Loggiato San Bartolomeo

Bologna Art Fair, organised by Benciv Art Gallery, Pesaro
Smithsonian National Museum of African Art, Washington DC - USA.
Palazzo Crespi, Naples, organised by A. Zaru.

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