Bruno Munari


Picture Bruno Munari

Bruno Munari was born in Milan in 1907.
When he was just twenty, he joined the second-generation Milanese Futurist Movement and began his eclectic activities in the fields of painting, design, educational and kinetic experimentation, graphic design, advertising and photography.
In 1948 he founded the MAC (Concrete Art Movement) together with Monnet, Dorfles and Soldati. His numerous personal exhibitions underlined his enormous creativity. In 1949, at the Libreria Salto in Milan, he presented Useless Machines and in 1950 Illegible Books; in 1951, at the Saletta dell'Elicottero in Milan, he displayed his Collezione di oggetti trovati; and in 1952, at the Galleria Bergamini in Milan, he exhibited his Quadri quadrati plastici.
In 1950 Munari began his Positive Negative paintings, which he displayed the same year in Paris.
He took part in numerous collective exhibitions, including one in 1952 at the Saletta dell'Elicottero where he presented Materie plastiche in forme concrete with works in celluloid, plexiglas and plastic laminates.
In April 1954 Munari worked together with Dorfles on the exhibition Colore per le carrozzerie di auto, held at the Salone dell'Automobile in Turin. The same year, he was one of the members of the Italian Groupe ESPACE.
He won international acclaim for his work in the field of design and his studies of art, play and creative learning that aimed to respect the intelligence of children.
He died in Milan on 30 September 1998.

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