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I (Julien Blame) was born in 1942 at Rognac, on the banks of the lake of Berre, once a sky-blue pool of the sea, today a marron glacé. He lives in Paris and Marseilles and is as nomadic as possible.
I (Julien Blame) published his first review Les Carnets de l’Octéor in 1962 for four issues, then took part starting in 1963 with Carmello Ardin Quin in the pubblication of Ailleurs for eight issues; in 1966 with Jean-François Bory he created Approches for four issues and with Jean Clay and A lain Schifres Robho for six issues.
In 1968 he moved on to the free press and parallel newspapers taking part in the publication of several different periodicals:
Vivalib, Pirate, Géranonymo (sixteen issues) and a daily paper: Liberation.
In 1975 he finds his real voice again with Doc(k)s:
Doc(k)s 1/4: Latin America
Doc(k)s 5/6: First international network
Doc(k)s 7/8: Japan
Doc(k)s 9/11: New international network
Doc(k)s 12/14. Yugoslavs and Catalans
Doc(k)s 15/18: Poles and Corsicans
Doc(k)s 19/22: the countries of East Europe
Doc(k)s 23/26: Russia of the dissidents
Doc(k)s 27/34: the French-speaking “dock”-yard
Doc(k)s 35/39: The U.S.A. on both coasts
Doc(k)s 40/43: China and the unofficial poets
Doc(k)s 46/49: the international network for the third time
Doc(k)s 50/53: the Spaniards
Doc(k)s 54/58: the Germans
without mentioning the three special issues on mail-art.
So I (Julien Blame) founded his first group in 1959 and since too much it’s been nothing.
Occasional contributions to reviews of the four worlds, group and individual exhibitions around the planet, presentations, festivals, recitals and other performances in the middle of lands and on the edge of seas... And the choice is still too broad:
The reviews he is faithful to, the movements he escapes, nomadism transformed into pilgrimage... What would remain?
A real participation in a few reviews: Vou (Tokyio), Diagonal cero (Buenos Aires), Vers Univers (Rotterdam), De Tafelronde, (Antwerp), Ovum (Montevideo), Manhattan Express (Riva), Tam Tam (Parma), Lotta Poetica (Illasi).
A few sound poetry episodes which he remembers: the Nouvelle Revue d’Art Moderne (Paris), Baobab (Reggio Emilia), Breathing Space (Washington) and the record done by Anastasia Bitzos re/erased in Berne.
A few groups in which his fugitive’s instinct was masked. l‘Eventail (1959) Hexa-One (1968), Vivlalibe (1969), Grand Mixage (1978), Polyphonix (1981).
and his books of course
W M Quinzieme (Ed. Les Carnets de l’Octéor), 1966
Essai sur Ia sculturale (Ed. Ga/erie Denise Davy) 1967
Cette Carte et autres faits (Ed. Approches) 1967
Paragenesi (Ed. Sampietro) 1968
Manifeste de Mai sous forme d’idcogrammes (book- pamphlet) 1968
Perpendicularly to the Plane of Letters a Mirror (Ed. Gallery Ten) 1968 Petit précis d’erotomanie (Ed. Agentzia) 1969
Dernière Tentative de l’Individu (Ed. Geiger) 1970
Processus de décultarisation (Ed. Tête de feuilles) 1972
Elefanti e primi testi (Ed. Geiger) 1977
Passé/future (Ed. Factotum-art) 1979
Reprenons la ponctuatjon à zero (Ed. Nèpe)
Ch’i (Ed. Unfinitude) 1982
Enoncé du problème (Cahiers Loques) 1982
and a few events carrieds out in other spectacular ghettos:
The First Festival of Elementary Poetry (galerie Denise Davy) 1967
International Reunion of Poetry , 1969
International Festival of Elementary Poetry (C.I.R. C.A.
Villeneuve lez A vignon) 1976-77-78-79-82-83
Mail Artists in the World (galerie Lara Vincy) 1979
2nd Fair of Artist Books (N.R.A Gallery) 1980
Performances about the Great Curve (galerie la Passerelle) 1981
Polyphonix, 1980-81-82-83.

Solo a group exhibitions (Selected)

Galleria Rinascita, Modena, Italia

Galérie Athanor, Marseille, Francia

Galérie Lara Vincy, Parigi, Francia

galleria "Franklin Furnace", New York

Centre Pompidou, Parigi

“Inter”, Neoson

Galérie Donguy, Parigi, Francia
"Studio Morra", Napoli

"Mercato del Sale",Milano

Otis-Parsons Gallery, Los Angeles, USA

Galérie Roger Pailhas, Parigi, Francia

Salle Privée Gallery, Casinò di Malindi, Kenya

Galérie Lola Gassin, Nice, Francia

Galleria La Giarina, Verona, Italia
Sarenco Club-Art Gallery, Verona, Italia

"Galerie Lara Vincy", Parigi

"Galerie Meyer", Marsiglia
"Studiobrescia", Brescia
"Espace à vendre", Nice
Teatrino della Villa Reale, Monza

”Il Verri”, Verbivocovisual

Castello Visconteo, Pavia

Centro Culturale il Gabbiano, La Spezia

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