Ronnie Cutrone


Picture Ronnie Cutrone

Born in New York in 1948.
He is an American artist coming from pop art known for creating paintings using as many of the most popular subject cartoon characters like Felix the United States, The Pink Panther and Woody Woodpecker. From 1972 to 1980, was one of the assistants to Andy Warhol and subsequently focused on personal style and recognizable.

Personal exhibitions (selected):

1978-79 Mudd Club, New York City
1983 Roptterdam Arts Council, Holland
1984 Salvatore Ala Gallery, Milan, Italy
1986 Galerie Barbara Farber, Amsterdam, Holland
1987 Markus Gallery, Las Vegas
1988 Tamara Bane Gallery, Los Angeles
1991 Studio d'arte Raffaelli, Trento, Italy

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