Gino Gini


Picture Gino Gini

Born in Milan, Italy in 1939.
Lives and works in Milan, Academy of Fine Arts Brera, Milan.
Solo international exhibitions since 1968 (n.50).
Since 1976 he has been working the relationship between image and word. He is considered one of the most important artist of the latest development of 'Visual Poetry'. He promoted and directed (1977-1983) the international operation 'MAIL ART. The Mythical Image', permanently exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art in Gallarate/Varese Italy.
In 1983 he founded the Archive of Artists' Books, Laboratorio 66, Milan in order to promote the common understanding and the public knowledge of this media, organizing national and international conferences and exhibitions.
In 1976 he took part to Venice Biennal, in the "Ambient as sociality" sector, by E.Crispolti.

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