Yuwen Chun


Picture Yuwen Chun


2010 Water Fairies Installation at the Taoyuan International Airport, Taiwan Recipient of Individual Fellowships, Asian Cultural Council Taiwan Foundation, for Study Trips to Southeast Asia and Japan

2009 Water Fairies – Shenshui Water Palace Exhibition at Stock 20, Taichung, Taiwan
Fusion Folks – Contemporary Art Exhibition Joint Exhibition at Bopiliao Historic District, Taipei, Taiwan

Installation for Issey Miyake Spring and Summer Fashion Show, 2009

2008 Water Fairies –Metamorphosis Exhibition at Suho Paper Memorial Museum, Taipei, Taiwan
Water Fairies –Ode to the Sky Exhibition at Little White House, Tanshui, New Taipei City
The Beauty of Cloth Joint Exhibition at The Pier-2 Art Center, Kaohsuing, Taiwan

2007 Water Fairies –E-mei Cathedral Exhibition at E-mei, Hsinchu, Taiwan
Contemporary Papercut Arts Joint Exhibition at Hsinchu, Taiwan
The New Avant-Gardes Joint Exhibition at Being 3 Gallery, Beijing, China

2006 Water Fairies Exhibition at Huashan 1914 Creative Park
Water Fairies Exhibition at the Chu-er Center for Family Arts and Theater Between Mountains and the Sea Joint Exhibition in The Art and Culture Festival of Sanchi, New Taipei City, Taiwan

2002 Mushroom Fairies Joint Exhibition at the Artist Expo, Huashan 1914 Creative Park

Establishing Chu-er Designer Clothes, and the Chu-er Center for Family Arts and Theater

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