by Marika Vicari

Ingrid Mwangi and Robert Hutter presented inside the project Check Luanda List POP in African pavilion with a video Masked (2000) are a couple of artists, she is Kenyan and he is German, both born in 1970. By sharing not only their work but also their entire biography they have established, as a basic point of their artistic message, a break of all differences (sex, culture, ect.). “Collective Desired”, “Trophies” and “Man di War”, are three personal exhibitions in 2006 and their titles are basic points of their artistic research. In the first place it is about questions and difficulties, revolted to collective and to the world, about everyday life and cultural distinction: historical and now day trauma and injustice. Secondary they use their bodies to generate a figurative language about the same themes: body is used therefore like an interface between acquaintance and understanding. In the third place a subject is living every moment and everywhere a violent conflict and destructive human action as a consequence of negative effects of information sources.