Peter Kastner



It is not our ideal to establish TRANS INDUSTRIAL as a new art movement, but it is a suggestion for confrontation and communication, a destruction of the consistent rules. We call the artists for making a jump of quality and for forgetting the obsessive rythm of repetition.

Except for some harmless convulsions the traditional industrial century has ended. The new industry is seperated in future from the human society and the clones of the human being (the robots) will be the new slaves of industry, competent for the muddy work: they will crawl through our drainages, they will clean our streets, they will make our computers, they will produce our cars, they will fight our wars, they will supply us with modern art. For the human beings perhaps only their children are left, but only gen-manipulated please.
At this point the TRANS INDUSTRIAL ART attacks selfconfident:
It uses touches of chalk as well as manipulations with the computer, only the individuell artwork has the real importance. We as the TRANS INDUSTRIAL ARTISTS can recognize the work of the clones as one can recognize an enemy, but we don´t let us take away our energy even when we are discussing only with clones in future.
It is static art with rigidity, not like the activity of a fitness-center. Free to think and to see is enough to perceive the structures of artworks. And drawing the own conclusions is the necessarry consequence, the own contents are formed. In this way TRANS INDUSTRIAL is not only an idea about art, but it needs also non-artists. In any case those persons, who have not fear for freedom.

TRANS INDUSTRIAL is rebellious, it doesn´t hang on the newest fashion and it doesn´t look for an apology. And it is not an imitation of the great avantgarde which has build up universal systems and is crashed then with them together into a dead end.
TRANS INDUSTRIAL is an enticement to be a human being and to be free of the squeezing interests. It spits onto the all-knowing and opportunistic idiots, these poor souls. These idiots only exploit the very newest trend and they deny it at once at that moment, when another very very newest trend is glimming up at the horizon.
TRANS INDUSTRIAL is a fountain and offers the space for sensibility and emotions without the pressure of an art-dictatorship, but also without the passion for the past or the honour in the future: Only the moment is important. With this pretension we pierce this tired burocratic democrocy with it´s harmless culture. Nevertheless we don´t announce the absolute truth, it is only a new intelligent perspective.

Also the art-police can´t help.

The puzzle remains unsettled. Welcome to the TRANS INDUSTRIAL dimension.

Paolo Moretto & Peter Kastner

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