Giovanni Cavassori - Gruppo G


"In the varied and eclectic creative works of Giovanni Cavassori, a constant, underlying correlation with the visual world of advertising and design and a competence in the fields of photography and computer graphics are key frictors. In all his works there is a spectaculaic decisively scenographic vein. In his sculptures, the artist unleashes his sense of form, with swollen, terse shapes ivhich seem to hurst Out in every direction, giving the observer the impression of witnessing a morphological revolution - an ongoing process of mutation.
In the field of photography and digital imaging, the artist focuses on a portion of his sculptures, further modifying them, expanding on what is already there, giving them a macroanalytical connotation. Giovanni Cavassorj has retained a taste for narration, and this has led him to establish figures which, when taken from the imagination, have become constant inspirational forces jbr new forms of expression and sources of creative motivation."

[From the introduction to the exhibition"All'indice", G.A.M.]

These are interwoven shapes and colors that bear witness to his plastic dedication, combining construction and decoration in a complete experience obtained through meticulous, exact and exacting work. Part of his sculptures are made of polyurethane, swollen in fabric "clothing" to take on the designed form and content. So many interlocking, inset parts, violently hand-colored, at times decorated with lace, stockings, bodices, or other.
Suggestive swells and shapes, in the most recent works of plaster-coated Styrofoam materializing from frames and dioramas. These are sculptures with the ludus of toys, but especially strong with the extraordinary effusiveness and bursting vitality of the author: glowing, phytozoomorphous, sturdily organic, turgid and meaty, they offer a view of an omnivorous nature fed by crazed genes that produce excessive shapes, giant tangles, oversized tentacles. Their extremely violent impact requires room to expand and be read.

Photography Traditional And Multimedia Painting
Side by side to the sculpture and to devoctoires, he develops a range of creative an technical experimentation which is in a continuos evolution. He reinvents and reinterprets his works being inspired by sculptures, that are photographed and analysed in their details which are exasperated and repainted by means of multimedial techniques. In this way the multimedial painting develops in a logical range made of analyses and studies of its realisations which actions which employ traditional and pictorial techniques joint to the new and computer elaborated ones which are transferred one supports of different types. The same technique is applied for photographic images of "bodies" which are dealt with computerized elaboration and printed on photographic supports of big dimensions.

These are dioramas closed in a curtain, often illuminated inside, with deliberately kitsch ornaments ranging from Baroque frames to plastic flowers to lace curtains: a masking of the prohibited image par excellence, pornography. Indeed, hidden behind the curtain is a hyperrealistic image of sex, painted or drawn, tempered by a dreamy outlook that softens and purifies even the crudest scene. These are tiny theatres where, by opening the curtains or blinds, the curious spectator unwittingly becomes an actor: his reaction to the image is the real stage event. To Cavassori, the pornography here is only lucid imagination, a game based on amusement and teasing."