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1 April 2012 - 30 April 2012
Planet China is a cycle of exhibitions of contemporary art that outline a path to the Biennale Italy - China to be held in late 2012.
All are public exhibitions, supported by the institutional hosting, set up in beautiful and prestigious spaces, as these first three exhibitions at the Castle of Malcesine.
Vernissage: Saturday, March 31, 2012, at 5:00 pm.
Planet China is a series of art exhibitions which aim to introduce some significant segments of contemporary Chinese art, which in Italy are totally unknown. The offered scene is moving into artists who prefer to work with the painting, often without betraying the ancient Chinese tradition in the use of materials like rice paper and chinese inks.
The three artists presented at Malcesine Castle are the young Ke Huang, which develops refined works, imbued with a lightness "watery". His artworks are done with an original technique that focuses more on results than on the painting itself, and the figurative reference to the classic Chinese tradition, here disappears, giving the space to a very clean abstraction.< br />Then the emerging Danyang Chen who works with the classical technique of acrylic on canvas. He produces original artworks of geometric abstraction, elegantly designed in tonal harmonies, enriched by a meticulous application of paint in the intersections of the colored lines. The result is attractive because it offers a vision of the matter in the artworks that normally the western people are used to seeing flattened in painting with depth and only in the prospective; a special harmony of colors it seals the final visual effect.
Finally the artist already historicized Lan Zhenghui, belonging to the second generation, following the STAR group (post Tiennamen). Informal researcher, he applies full force in the use of traditional Chinese ink on rice paper, realising intense and evocative works. Zhenghui has already had a lot of international experience (many in Canada) and he was protagonist in China, with a work of over 20 meters, at the official launch of the flagship models of BMW in the market for mandarins.
The occasion is very interesting to see three different ways of Chinese contemporary artists to interpret abstract painting with at the back a strong tradition in history, reinterpreted with an original and sensitive taste.

The exhibition are done with the support of the City of Malcesine, the Province of Verona and the Region of Veneto, with "Malcesine Più".

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