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ARTEOLOGIA - Beyond the Ethics

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17 January 2020 - 22 March 2020
third exhibition in a Museum by the Ethical Art Movement: ARTEOLOGIA - Oltre l'Etica
Museo Naturalistico Archeologico, Contrà of Santa Corona, 4, Vicenza (Italy)
Opening Friday 17th of January, at 5:30pm
01|18|2020 - 03|01|2020
curated by Sandro Orlandi Stagl
A dialogue between past and future that the Ethical Art Movement establish with the classical art and the nature, with more than 50 artworks exhibited (paintings, photographies, sculptures, potteries, video e installations).
The exhibition is in collaboration with the 14° Curitiba Biennale in Brasil.
The artists are:
Marco Bertin,
Carlo Bonfà,
Julia Bornefeld,
Luigi Dellatorre,
Gianfranco Gentile,
Marco Gradi,
Franco Mazzucchelli,
Matteo Mezzadri,
Jorge R. Pombo,
Alberto Salvetti and
Alessandro Zannier.
With the participation of:
Carlo Pasini and
Jairo Valdati.