Ho do I manage the artworks of my collection published in the ARTantide Museum?

In your personal area you can see the list of artworks of your collection and the quotations we assessed for them. Click the orange icon situated on the top of every page to enter your personal area, you will be asked for your username and password.

If you wish, you may enter the purchase date and price of your artworks, so to keep up-to-date your profit.
We remind you that these information (artworks quotations and purchase datas) will not be made public, they will be only shown in your personal area.

You may decide to show, on every artwork you own, the name of your collection, instead of "Collection Private".
If you choose to do it, there will be also an the website a public page for your collection only, containing all the artworks you made "public", and you could use this page if you want to show your collection to anybody else.

Your collection's name will be your "username" on ARTantide.com, and you may change it whenever you want, from the page where you modify your personal details.
By changing your username you can make appear your collection with an clear indication about your idendity (for example: "Smith Collection"), or instead with a pseudonym so that only you and your friends know whose that collection is.