Can I order by phone, fax, skype or post? will be glad to take your orders or bookings by phone (+39 045 8622389 or, if urgent or after hours: Paolo Mozzo +39 347 1048959), Fax (+39 045 4852047), e-mail ( ), Skype (paolomozzo) or post (by sending your request to: EBLand Srl - Customer Service, Via Germania 14, 37136 Verona - Italy).
In case of phone-orders, an expert consultant will be at your disposal, giving explanations and noting your requests.
In case of orders or bookings by fax or post, you will need to give your phone number, in order to be called back by the sales personnel, to confirm your order or to arrange a meeting to see a work personally. The orders without any phone number will not be considered.
Online orders have priority over all other kinds of orders or bookings.