Can I pay by instalments?

For your deferred payments, created a special service: the ARTbanking.
By using this service you can defer your payments up to 12 months, with a ZERO bank rate (TAN 0, TAEG 0), enjoying the flexibility of payments and amounts (within the minimum limits). All the documents about the purchased work are supplied immediately (invoice and a copy of the contract). The works will be kept in insured custody in the protected warehouse and will then be delivered to you immediately after the last payment.
If you want to take advantage of the ARTbanking and deferred payment service, you just need to select the Purchasing After Previewing mode, during the purchasing process. The team will then contact the customers by the next working day, in order to come to an agreement on the number and amount of the payments.
For purchases higher than 5.000 €, we propose, on request, classic loans with immediate delivery of the purchased work.
For any other further information, please contact us by phone (+39 045 8622389), Fax (+39 045 4852047), e-mail ( ) or Skype(paolomozzo).