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Expository project

ARTantide.com is a Marketplace aimed at supporting the Art-Investment binomial through new services and information

ARTantide.com is much more than an art Gallery, it is a Marketplace. It is a point of reference for customers (collectors and enthusiasts), who can buy their favourite artists' works of art. There isn't an expository plan marking the lines of a certain genre or artistic period; there is a Scientific Committee of art and market experts, who select works and artist according to certain quality principles. In our Marketplace, you will find many artists, whose quotations are very different, together with many different expository projects. This allows to satisfy the many wishes and tastes of a heterogeneous public.
For ARTantide.com, the alliance between Art and Investment is not a marketing catchword, but a precise goal which is realized through a range of services aimed at giving it value. These services are able to give customers the most appropriate tools to monitor the quality and value of all purchased and published works.

Transparent quotations

All quotations are 24 hours a day visible and available on the Internet. The EbLand Srl Management is responsible for their updating, by following the tendency of the market and respecting the following evaluation criteria for every artist:

  • Quality,
  • Notority,
  • Importance and critical remarks,
  • Future perspectives,
  • Exchanges and market dynamics.
By publishing all prices, ARTantide.com guarantees the same conditions for every user, together with the highest coherence about the works' value. The online updating makes the quotation public and transparent.

Transparency about final costs

The total costs include all additional expenses and VAT, and are of public domain. Every user, in every part of the world, will pay the same price, with the exception of the delivering costs, which vary from country to country.What concerns the citizens of the European Union, the quotations already include VAT, so there won't be any aditional cost at the delivery moment.

Transparency about guarantees

Our customers buy the works from ARTantide.com and never from a third person.

This means that we are the only reference, responsible, guarantor for the quality and authenticity of the work, interlocutor for every sort of information. Behind a purchase there is always the same team, who works to give customers the greatest satisfaction.
None of the offered works is owned by ARTantide.com, which has the only job of handling the selling. This way of operating allows the responsible for the commercial policy of ARTantide.com to be completely transparent and free in proposing works and advising customers. As a matter of fact, here is no stock to clear, no “dead stocks” and no commercial policy piloted from investment we already made.

Convenient purchases

Our policy of not having a "full" warehouse, allows ARTantide.com to cut the operating costs down and to propose highly competitive works quotations on the market.