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About Us

Staff and Corporate Mission


believe in the ability of the human being to look beyond the surface of ideas and things to reveal the deep meaning they contain
challenging the thoughts and utopias that arise to make them concrete with responsibility and tenacity in synergy with each team involved
in order to attract attention to the values and the deep emotions that lead us towards the continual improvement of humanity

The EBLand Mission is based on 6 core values:


...n ourselves and in the other people who work with us,


...to decide to move towards the future,


...because we want to act to realize our dreams,


...to be unique,


...to always find the way to realize our dreams,


...to be able to respond with our expertise to other people.

Who we are

fotoPaolo Mozzo, Chief Executive

Has a degree in Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications. Manager in charge of Information Systems at Orthofix S.r.l. Attended courses in Informatics and Internet Marketing at Bocconi College in Milan and as a result was put in charge of Web Strategy at Orthofix International. Since 2000, he covers the role of ARTantide.com President
Skype: paolomozzo

fotoSandro Orlandi, Art and Market Director

Architect, collector, gallery manager and, for some years, responsible for the purchase department of Museion, the Contemporary Art Museum of Bolzano. This is a very short version of the cv of our responsible for art and market decisions. The Artistic Direction constantly communicates with several reference persons (merchants, gallerists, collectors and curators), in order to share decisions and general guidelines.

fotoMarthe Happi, Sales Manager

Graduated in Nursing Science has deepened studies in psychology and business management. He worked in the foreign sector of an import-export company. He is passionate about contemporary art, as a collector first and as a market expert then; she has directed his interests and his activity towards the commercialization of works of international artists, with particular regard to the binomial "art-investment".