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About Us

Staff and Corporate Mission


Being leaders and point of reference in the field of Contemporary Art.

We see art as a vehicle to get into touch and to make us conspicuous in the economic and socio-cultural contest.
We see art as a huge possibility to invest, communicate, cultivate the aesthetical pleasure and to widen cultural horizons.
We want to spread our vision to the largest publicum.

We offer our personalized services and our attention to each of our interlocutors.

Who we are

fotoPaolo Mozzo, Chief Executive

Has a degree in Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications. Manager in charge of Information Systems at Orthofix S.r.l. Attended courses in Informatics and Internet Marketing at Bocconi College in Milan and as a result was put in charge of Web Strategy at Orthofix International. Since 2000, he covers the role of ARTantide.com President
Skype: paolomozzo

fotoSandro Orlandi, Art and Market Director

Architect, collector, gallery manager and, for some years, responsible for the purchase department of Museion, the Contemporary Art Museum of Bolzano. This is a very short version of the cv of our responsible for art and market decisions. The Artistic Direction constantly communicates with several reference persons (merchants, gallerists, collectors and curators), in order to share decisions and general guidelines.

fotoVittorio Bernaroli, Director at ARTantide.es

A 4-years degree in Conservation of the Cultural Heritage at the University of Parma, graduated in Archive sciences in Modena, he obtained his master in Strategic Marketing at Esic Business School in Barcelona.
His first approach to the contemporary art market was in Brussels, Belgium, in a contemporary art gallery with national perspectives. After three years he moved to Barcelona where is in charge of the international development of ARTantide Spain.

fotoMarthe Happi, Artists and Works

fotoMichela Danzi, General Archives

fotoElisa Fanny Sacchetti, Piedmont Manager

TeraNet, Technological Partner.

Consulting and software services for every kind of firm.