Guarantee and conditions for purchasing artwork on ARTantide.com

  1. Introduction

    The following conditions regulate the contractual relationship between the company EBLand srl with offices in Verona at Via Germania 14 - Phone: +39 045 8622389; Fax: +39 045 4852047; E-mail: - in the person of Paolo Mozzo, P.IVA/VAT/Tax number: 03056570231, hereafter to be known as "EBLand", and the person or legal representative, hereafter to be known as "the purchaser", buying works of art, hereafter to be known as "works of art", publicised by EBLand by means of Internet.
    Any changes to this contract must be authorised by EBLand in writing.
    Furthermore, the purchaser declares that the information contained in law no.185 (of the Italian Republic) passed on 22.05.99 and in particular the information in art. 3, has been received.

  2. Purchase with offer and acceptance by means of visibility

    All the terms and conditions stated on the EBLand web site must be understoodas an invitation to make a proposal, or permit the purchaser to send a specificcontractual proposal.
    Thus, only after having gone through the selection procedure and having readthe general information, can the purchaser then send a purchase proposal toEBLand. EBLand reserves the right to accept or refuse any purchase proposals.If the proposal is refused, the purchaser is not liable for any costs and thepurchaser shall undertake henceforth not to make any request for compensationor refund in respect of EBLand. If EBLand accepts the proposal, the purchaserwill receive from EBLand a message confirming the order (hereafter to be knownas the "order acceptance") and including the contractual conditions.
    The order confirmation will be sent by EBLand by electronic post.

  3. Price

    The price of the work of art referred to in the contract is that indicated inthe purchase proposal sent by the purchaser and as shown in the acceptance.
    The price is inclusive of VAT (for EEC countries), with the exclusion of deliverycosts as shown in the purchase proposal and the order acceptance.

  4. Declaration of e-mail address

    The purchaser shall select an E-mail address to be indicated in the purchaseproposal and agrees henceforth to the use of this address for any informationto be sent.
    The purchaser shall communicate in writing any change in address.

  5. Payment

    The purchaser is obliged to effect payment of the price as indicated in thepurchase proposal and in the order acceptance.
    In any case, the ownership of the work of art will pass to the purchaser onlyafter payment of the price has been effected by the purchaser to EBLand.

  6. Delivery and insurance

    Following receipt by EBLand of the agreed purchase price, EBLand will pack anddeliver the work of art by courier or by post. In any case, the purchaser isrequired to check with the local customs authorities that there are no impedimentsto the importation of the work of art and to communicate any impediments toEBLand. EBLand cannot be held responsible for any delays imposed by local customsauthorities. EBLand undertakes to insure the work of art referred to in thesales contract against loss or damage to a value equal to the agreed price ofsaid work of art.
    Delivery times are fixed at approximately one week within Italy and from twoto four weeks elsewhere. The terms are not however peremptory.
    The parties agree that an exception be made for any impediments caused by anact of God or other causes unrelated to either party.

  7. Impediments

    In the case that, after payment of the agreed price by the purchaser but beforedelivery, events caused by circumstances beyond the control of EBLand preventthe latter from delivering the work of art, the amount paid will be immediatelyrefunded to the purchaser.

  8. Guarantee

    EBLand guarantees that the information and declarations published relative tothe work of art being purchased are authentic and truthful.

  9. Withdrawal

    The purchaser has the right to withdraw from the contract, without incurringany penalty, within 10 working days from the date of delivery of the work ofart.
    The right to withdraw must be exercised, within the term agreed, by means ofregistered letter advising receipt, or by telegram, telex or facsimile, on thecondition that the advice of receipt is sent by registered letter within 48hours of delivery.
    If the purchaser then wishes to exercise the right to withdraw, he/she mustundertake to:

    1. return the work of art whole and intact in the same packaging or equivalent packaging;
    2. effect this restitution within 10 days of receipt;
    3. effect payment of all expenses incurred in the restitution and any transport costs or customs duties incurred.
      If the purchaser exercises the right to withdraw, EBLand undertakes to refund the sum paid by the purchaser within 30 days of being informed of the decision to withdraw.

    Any communication should be sent to the main office of EBLand in Via Germania n.14, 37136 Verona, Italy, telephone: +39 045 8622389. Any complaint should also be sent to this address.

  10. Privacy

    According to law number 196/2003 of the Italian Republic, any personal detailsprovided by the purchaser will be used exclusively for the purpose of effectingthe sale according to contract. These data will be communicated for temporaryuse to the organisation responsible for delivery and to any other organisationinvolved in any phase of the sales procedure, but not to any other individualperson(s) or representatives of those persons.
    The above mentioned data may not be used to send advertising messages or informationunless specifically requested.

  11. Resale agreement

    EBLand undertakes, on behalf of the purchaser, to put the work of art acquiredin the first purchase (hereafter known as the first purchase) up for sale againon request by the purchaser and according to the conditions of sale for worksof art and with the following specific conditions:

    1. The work of art must be the same work as that acquired in the firstpurchase and must be accompanied by the same documentation.
    2. The purchaser, following the sale of the work by EBLand, will undertaketo send the work suitably packaged and accompanied by the relevant documentationto the offices of EBLand or to any other destination as specified by EBLandwithin five days of the date of the request, covering any expenses incurred.
    3. All further contractual clauses and the price will be agreed atthe moment of resale.
  12. Applicable laws and place of jurisdiction

    With regard to the contents of this contract, any sale is regarded as takingplace in Italy and is as such subject to the current laws of the Italian Republic.
    The place of jurisdiction in the case of any dispute is the Magistrates Courtof the city of Verona in Italy.