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How to exhibit your works on ARTantide.com

Are you an artist who wants to join ARTantide.com?

Every Artist who would like to join ARTantide.com must submit his/her works to the attention of the Scientific Committee, by sending their updated documentation (photos of the works, catalogues, magazines, newspapers, essays, critical reviews, biography and bibliography, list of personal and group exhibitions – place, time, title of the exhibition - , public collections and a critical essay of about a page, which should present his/her work, written by the artist himself/herself) to the following address:

EBLand S.r.l. - Comitato Scientifico
Via Germania, 14
37136 - Verona - ITALY

Attention: the sent material won't be returned..
Our Scientific Committee receives weekly a huge quantity of materials, therefore ARTantide.com cannot guarantee an answer to every artist, but will surely contact the most interesting ones.

Please don't send any e-mails bigger than 2 Mb (about 2000 Kb). The messages exceeding this limit will automatically be cancelled, to avoid the blockage of our e-mail server. We suggest you to reduce the images' size before attaching them, or, if you prefer, you can send us a CD by post.