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ARTantide Subscription for viewing images covered by copyrights.

Our policy for respecting copyright and obligations imposed by SIAE.

In order to meet the imperatives of SIAE about the copyright on some artwork's image, we introduced a subscription which gives you the possibility to view the artworks' images without distorsions or watermarks and in the full respect of copyrights.
We are using the earnings from the subscriptions to pay the copyrights fees to SIAE (Italian Organization of Authors and Editors) and to cover the costs for managing all practices and technicals aspects.

To apologize for the disease and to reward visitors who enter the subscription, ARTantide.com staff is preparing a serie of exclusive opportunities to offer to subscribers.
The first is an additional discount for those who buy the "Artwork of the Week" before the end of the week.

Subscribing is easy: register, if you still haven't done it, log into Your Account and follow the link on the right column. We accept payments by PayPal, Credit Cards and Bank Transfers.