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Wish Collection

A tool to build your virtual Collection and to monitor the trend of its value.

The Wish Collection is an opportunity given by ARTantide.com to all registered users, who can create their own virtual collection.
You can add every work that you like, selecting it among those on the web-site; this is a free-service which allows you to keep the value of your collection monitored month afer month. As soon as you add a work in your collection, the system memorizes its value and fixes it; then this value will be compared with the current quotation of the work, which can eventually rise or diminish.In fact when you add an artwork, the system records immediately its value and stores it; that value will be continuously compared with the current quotation of the artworks, that can changing up or down. By creating your Wish Collection, you will be able to monitor the quotations' tendencies in real time, to view those of every single work, every single artist, or of the entire collection.
Every work can simply be inserted or taken out, you can also add comments, which can then be modified, so that your Dream Collection can become a useful and living tool for collectors, enthusiasts and art operators.
You can easily mail the collection to your friends, share your choices with them, show your taste and your style.
Creating your Wish Collection is easy, you just need to click on the special link beside each work, then login or register, and, if you want, add your comment; by pushing the insert button the work will be added to your collection.
If you want to find the Wish Collection you just created, you just need to click the link in your Personal Area.

See an example of Wish Collection