The panel for managing your own artistic property.

Ever customer who bought at least one work, will be able to page to his/her personal Portfolio, which contains the list of purchased works, the purchase price, the current quotation and the up-to-date possible accrued appreciation or loss.

Another more complex function calculates the total value of the purchased collection, showing the accrued appreciation and giving an immediate and general view of the value of your own artistic property.

From the Portfolio, you can also mail the resale request of the purchased works.
You can page to the portfolio by entering the Personal Area, which is reachable from the left icon on the menu on the right top.

The collectors who provided works for the ARTantide Museum, have the list of these works, accompanied by the quotations estimated by the staff of ARTantide.com, so it is possible to have a constant view of the value attributed to its artistic heritage.

The Personal Area includes access also to its own Wishes Collection to revise the works included, add or modify comments, replace or remove the works there are no longer interesting.

Finally, from this area, it is possible to see the historical list of the orders and accessing to the personal information for updating, and managing the newsletter subscriptions.