Events, new artists, works' reviews and especially hot exclusive offers.

NOTE: ARTantide.com Newsletters are in italian only, at the moment.

ARTantide.com offers its users 4 different NewsLetters, to inform them as quickly as possible about the interesting news:

  • News of the month, to receive invitations, information and interesting news about the most important events in the art market;
  • New Artist, to be informed about the artists joining ARTantide.com;
  • Artwork of the week, for weekly market information and advices, dedicated to a single work, of always different artists;
  • Exclusive offers, to quickly and exclusively receive the most interesting offers of works of art, are often about historical artists, who aren't always among those published on the site.

If you want to receive these pieces of information, you just need to register entering a valid e-mail address and then choosing your favourite NewsLetters. If you are already registered, you just need to enter the Personal Area, click Change Data and choose those NewsLetters you want to receive.