The Autheticity of the works and the referring certification is fundamental to ARTantide.com

Authenticity Guarantee

ARTantide.com contractually guarantees the autheticity of all sold works, taking the legal liability from the very beginning.
Every work is equipped with an Authenticity Certificate, signed by the artist or the provider (heir, relative, etc.) or by an expertise expert.
The certificate will be given with the work or delivered some days after the purchase.

Reevaluation and Trust Bonus

All purchased works can be, even immediately, resold. The work will be re-inserted in the list, with the other online published works, with its current quotation. As soon as we find another purchaser, you will decide if you want to receive the obtained amount in cash, or if you prefer to buy another work.
Those customers who decide to keep a work for more than a year, will receive a bonus of 2% to 6% of the purchase value, which can be reinvested on ARTantide.com.

Ensured Deliveries

ARTantide.com is responsible for the work until the moment of delivery to the customer, and follows its logistics and packing.

Withdrawing Right

You can return a work within 10 (ten) days from its ordination, without having to justify the reason why you want to (for details and conditions of the Withdrawing right, please see the Works buying and selling Agreement).
In case of a first purchase, also the returning costs will be paid from ARTantide.com (you can find the instructions about a possible return in the work's documentation).
It is also possible to purchase some works just after having personally viewed them, thanks to the prior preview mode.


Once you bought a work, it keeps on being online visible, but it has the wording "sold".
In case of a particular request by the customer, it is possible not to show the purchased work, which won't be accessible through the search engine. The work will be accessible in an exclusively private mode, by authentication through User Name and Password, within the personal customer's portfolio.