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Posta prioritaria

Concetto Pozzati

Oil and enamel on canvas, 2004

70 x 80 cm - Signed

ID: 004849

Collection Ruben

One of the most rares artworks realised by Pozzati belonging to the cycle of Certificate of "cartoline postali" (164 collages) created on 2004 and performed on Galleria Menhir show, La Spezia.(belonging to the cycle "Ri-storia prioritaria" < br/> Autenticity on photo signed by the artist. Archived by "Fondazione Concetto Pozzati" with number 1551/07 (plate glued on loom).< br/> Artwork published on General Archive Catalog of Concetto Pozzati, volume II, Maretti publisher, January 2008, p. 286 (whole page).