Ethical Art Manifesto

Art Can

di Michela Danzi, Sandro Orlandi Stagl e Paolo Mozzo

Art has the extraordinary power to change the world and improve the planet, when it comes Ethical and with a strongly attitude to the Social Responsibility.


Since ancient times the finest philosophers and the greatest minds questioned hemselves about what was art and what was not, what was the goal of an artist and the resonance that was correct to pursue.

Picasso claimed that “art has the extraordinary power to shake from the soul the dust accumulated in the life of every day”. We believe in depth in this statement.

Through contemporary art people has an unique opportunity to receive strong messages, to process these messages personally and make them their own becoming an indispensable component of their identity. “Art has the extraordinary power” to awaken, to give the enthusiasm and the confidence to better themselves and to be able to give a meaning to their lives.
Art is not superficial, must go inside the humans and then emerge transformed with its concreteness. That’s because art has to be education, as intended in the etymological sense of the term: “E-ducare”, from the Latin, means bringing something from the inside out and the art is part of this emotional externalization process that can have extraordinary metamorphic effects.
After understanding the power that is in hand of art and artists you can conceive what should be the artist’s
ethical and social role and which kind of responsibility he must manage.

We strongly believe that

It is possible change the planet and improve the world with art and culture;

The true artist has in itself a highly developed sensitivity and his genius materializes through very deep and
acute social and civil analysis;

The artist is an intellectual with a role that involves great human and social responsibility;

Through the visual representation, the artists must find the most effective communicative way to express their thoughts and give them an universal echo;

The artist must become the spokesman of ethical, social and human thoughts, who can help build, around
people, a better world;

The artist has a true community mission;

Artists can help you to be happier and to regain a positive enthusiasm that can change people from the in-side;

Can grow a new class of artists, a new movement expanding globally that has the strength to make his mark
and to establish the foundations for a world closer to the emotional needs, to a healthier environment, a more communication positive and constructive between art and society, because we believe that by fol- lowing this path people can become more happy and give a tangible form to dreams and utopias which have the power to improve their lives;

Can grow a new class of collectors and art lovers who want to actively participate in change, by supporting
those artists and those projects sufficiently ambitious to bring a real improvement in the society;

The world needs a new intellectual class in order to regain the possession of the power of ethical thinking,
to improve themselves and others

All human beings need to build their personal identity to satisfy their emotions, the need for love, empathy
and reconciliation with social ethics, natural, environmental and spiritual.

The improvement of the planet will be just a pleasant consequence.

Artists belonging to the Ethical Art Movement:

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di Michela Danzi, Sandro Orlandi Stagl e Paolo Mozzo