Ethical Manifesto - micrΩmega

by Alessandro Zannier - Theme: anthropological

di Carlo Bonfà (in collaborazione con lo staff di Gallery)


Origin of the manifesto:

MicrΩmega calls upon Voltaire, like a ray of light, a Neo Illuminist ray of sun that filters through a breach in the intricate and inextricable vegetation of the undergrowth of contemporary culture;
MicrΩmega loves the vertigo of math, the thrill of the truth of computation, the poetry of formulas, the sense of fear and wonder of the remote, of the incalculable distance but perceived from the starting point, whether infinitely bigger or smaller, loves strings vibration, which sets the theory of the universe and the universe itself to music, but it is not satisfied to stage the pre-established beauty;
MicrΩmega is an attempt to recall the global vision, the pre-established direction, and the numerical scale of universal things, in which human events are embedded, lost in their ever increasing self-referentiality.

We are persuaded that:
In the era of speed, of communication made up of commercials, of GIFs, of pills and limited character messages, made of high and low level contents, released without distinction and without filter in overwhelming quantity, we lost the complexity of things and above all the desire and time to go deep into them with patience and analytical approach;
Society lives on the double track of concrete reality and virtual or social-imaginary reality, in which the sense of
the real measure and proportions is lost;
MicrΩmega raises the question of the “sense of position” and of the real greatness of man-unit, in the universe of numbers and knowledge, between science and creativity, between biology and utopia, between what we really are in nature and what we only dream of being;
The underestimation or the overestimation of the role of man within the pre-established schemes of things, generates mental detachment from the awareness of reality and hence from the effect of our actions on it, resulting in the loss of the sense of literal, verbal, cultural and acting measure;
The awareness of being a part of a machine, of an ecosystem, of a more complex architecture, instead of absolute protagonists and masters, and that our actions respond to mathematical trends exactly like the flow of rivers, clouds and the expansion of galaxies, is an indispensable condition for ethically elevating the next millennium societies.

We believe that:
The culture of complexity, of stratification, must be sustained and rediscovered, it must be considered against the prevailing culture of simplification, of the apparent minimalism, of superficiality, of the trendy that also invades the world of art, often dependent on amazing technologies to conceal lack of content, acritic mirror of society, instead of avant-garde of new thoughts and denunciation of imminent drifts;
It is important to seek and discover the spark between the objective being of pre-established things and the invention, in the middle ground between knowledge and utopia, that distinctive feature that differentiates man from the rest of the world;
MicrΩmega is the allegorical representation of the human brain, which contains concepts, figures, measure scales, mathematical rules and scientific theories, which are creatively re-elaborated through links and free associations;
MicrΩmega is a brain placenta where you can peek into, where embryonic ideas - the intuitive synapses of human inventions - originate and draw inspiration from every system of “things” existing in the universe, from the smallest to the biggest;
MicrΩmega is the brain of a monkey thrown into the cosmos of knowledge, in which the transition from its animal state to the evolved one is only at the beginning, threatened by a thousand involutional drifts;
MicrΩmega is the compass, the self-consciousness, the consciousness of the ego-man within the magnitudes of the universe observed through his eyes.

We intend to act in various ways and directions by developing a project that makes use of the most innovative
and sophisticated tools that visual art and music possess, without subordinating contents to the aesthetic fascination of the present technology. People who will attend exhibitions and concerts will be stimulated to reflect and become aware of their fundamental critical role to contribute to the desired change, moving towards a better world.

That is a challenge that and Alessandro Zannier face to push humanity towards a renewed wisdom.

di Carlo Bonfà (in collaborazione con lo staff di Gallery)