Ethical Manifesto – Animal Soul

by Alberto Salvetti - Theme: environment

di Alberto Salvetti (in collaborazione con lo staff di Gallery)


We are aware that:
An animal is deeply specialized in living in a specific territory;
Children have always been attracted by animals and teaching them to observe animals directly in the places where they live freely, together with them we learn about the rich biodiversity that surrounds us and that we often take for granted;
Our abandoned suburbs are again becoming the wildlife’s habitat, which is resettling in the territories from which it fled;
To cover long distances you must take small steps: let’s focus our attention on the elements of nature that risk to remain invisible to an inattentive eye.

We believe that:
Even if allochthonous, each wild animal is closely related to the ecosystem that hosts it, so it is almost impossible to represent it departing from the environmental theme;
We must find again that lost balance between man and animal which once allowed the coexistence of both in a shared territory, respecting all the beings that inhabited it: biodiversity and the return of species once fled is symptom and synonym of an environmental improvement that should comfort us;
It is easier to take care of what you know and learn to appreciate, revaluing “the animal” that man often
tends to underestimate;
Man went too far away from the state of nature and at the moment he is spending his days passing from one box to another (home, work), moving through the Territory through other smaller boxes (cars), losing the ability to live Its own external space;
The psychophysical health of man depends very much on the health of the environment in which he lives and there is no man talking about animals who’s not talking about man.

We want to act:
Focusing on the species that inhabit our planet, to keep the new generations in touch with the roots of a man who originally was immersed in a Nature that was very different from the “garden dimension” one of the present;
Through art and the reproduction of animals made up of materials such as paper, adhesive tape, cement or hay, to encourage man to take care of himself and his own integrity, so that he can best preserve himself, just as if the work of art was a living being;
With the aim of encouraging serene and peaceful coexistence between wild Nature and human settlements, as it was in the past;
Strongly proposing what is positive in our environmental reality: positivity generates other positivity. Through works of condemnation, the only result would be to generate other negativity, to be avoided in all ways. Gallery and Alberto Salvetti want to collaborate with contemporary art to reach the
aims of the manifesto in a tangible way.

di Alberto Salvetti (in collaborazione con lo staff di Gallery)