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Last Review (Friday, 26 August 2011)

Collage, Giulio Turcato
anni '70 - Mixed on canvas
ID: 008951 - Size: 100 x 70 cm
Quotation to 26/08/2011: € 12,900.00

Quality: Very Good
Price: Cheap
Short term potentiality: Stable
Medium/long term potentiality: High expectations
Geographic expansion: International

Comment: The historic Italian artist was involved in some of the most important artistic movements of the postwar period, as the Group of Eight and the Group Forma 1. His international recognition was recognized by the London auction's "Italian Sale" where a work of the '50 has exceeded € 250,000.00. Today, its prices are excessively compressed by the international crisis and prices of this work as many of the works of the '70 are absolutely interesting and represent a potential investment of recognized historic caliber.

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