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Osmosi - Claudia Cardinale - Madonna della seggiola

Work published in the catalog "The suggestion of Myth" exhibition of Malipiero at the Liassidi Palace in Venice, where it was exposed. The work is filed and the published the first volume of the Catalogue of Malipiero.
All the works of Malipiero with overlapping figures are the result of a very precise work of collage, where they are glued together side by side, hundreds of strips, obtained by sectioning of symbolic images, often unpublished (cut from film frames) selected by the artist to capture a dream and a concept immortalized by the same images and their juxtaposition, as modern icons of strong emotional impact. Archived with number 005190

Year: 2015

Technique: Collage on board

Size: 100 x 100 cm

Quotation: € 4,000.00

Other Information: Signed

ID: 010116

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