Lin Jingjing

Rose Rose

During the first edition of the Biennale Italy - China, Lin Jingjing, along with fifty volunteers, created the Performance Rose Rose, where 2000 roses have been stitched. She direct the volunteers in the parody of the beauty of our fleeting existence. The rose is a flower with a closed bud by beautiful petals that seem protect its soul. It is the symbol that best reminds us our short life. When Lin Jingjing is stitching the roses, pretends to preserve forever the soul, but the operation involves the use of a needle and then inflict a wound, which is necessary for this utopistic prevention. That wound leads to the continuous remembrance of suffering necessary to aspire to a better future.
For the first time in the history of its performances with roses Lin Jingjing has decided to continue the conceptual operation, leading the roses to eternity, closing them each in a sealed and numbered jar. Each tin contains a stitched rose.

Year: 2012

Technique: Stitched rose in airtight jar

Size: 21 x 7 x 7 cm

ID: 009447

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