Arthur Kostner


The yellows, the reds, the blues,
color the list of wood assembled with the glue,
fragile and space scaffoldings;
decided tones, violent approaches
mitigated from the casual superimposed of some brush.

Year: 2003

Technique: Tempera on wood

Size: 70 x 55 cm

Quotation: € 406.00

Other Information: Signed

ID: 001314

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Market Review (Monday, 28 May 2007)

very convenient
[Quotation to 28/05/2007: € 406.00)
Short term potentiality:
Medium/long term potentiality:
very good
Geographic expansion:
Minimal painting of Arthur Kostner reaches, with artworks of this level, a so essential dimension to graze the perfection. His rigour is stylistic, almost metaphysical, which fascinates and involves without break of continuity, as the color of his surfaces. The great commercial success of Kostner, most of all in the north and in the center of Europe, wolud justify higher quotations if the artist had not assumed a policy of contained prices, only to make known to an audience, as large as possible, his artworks.