Giovanni Cavaliere


The magic of colour leaves a more resistant trace, like a mystic fragrance, like a spiritual essence. They symbols and signs, on the other hand, are almost volatile, in their impermanent staticness. As if, from one moment to the other, they must disappear, to leave space to other symbols and other signs, escaping once and for all the observer's desire to read a story, an accomplished narration.

Cit. Ivan quaroni

Year: 2004

Technique: Alchidic and oil on canvas

Size: 90 x 110 cm

Quotation: € 2,080.00

Other Information: Signed, Framed

ID: 001796

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This artwork was been exhibited at the following events:

12/10/2005 - 31/10/2005 I siti dell'arte - Verona 05

30/04/2005 - 29/05/2005 Sensazioni

18/03/2005 - 21/03/2005 UTOPIA