Giuseppe Chiari

Guitar art is easy

Artwork realized using a classical guitar where is applied collage with tape and drawing by pen marker. The playing instrument is damaged to obtain the sculpture.

Year: anni '2000

Technique: Mixed technique sculpture

Size: 111 x 71 x 11 cm

Other Information: Signed, Framed

ID: 003318

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Market Review (Wednesday, 18 April 2007)

Under the last auction bids
[Quotation to 18/04/2007: € 3,500.00)
Short term potentiality:
Continuously increasing
Medium/long term potentiality:
Big increasing
Geographic expansion:
Many people don't know that the Fluxus movement it's an american artistic movement, one of the most representative and important movements of cultural and artistic research. Chiari is the most important italian representative of Fluxus. A few days ago, at one of the most attended house of auctions, knowed for the purposed prices convenience, a similar Chiari's artwork was knocked down for 3.400,00 euro + 20% of auction taxes. This is the right moment to buy the artworks of this historic artist.