Rodolfo Cavazza


Trough my artworks I try to make visible the invisible, to express the life that I fill in his deep dimension. So I use the "energy" of the colors and the "rithm" of the shapes in an emotional weave.

Rodolfo Cavazza

Year: 2005

Technique: Acrylic on canvas

Size: 80 x 60 cm

Other Information: Signed

ID: 003377

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Market Review (Thursday, 10 May 2007)

very good
very convenient
[Quotation to 10/05/2007: € 700.00)
Short term potentiality:
Medium/long term potentiality:
Geographic expansion:
Rodolfo Cavazza's artwork, of medium size, which, though it sends us back to Picasso world, hits us for the use of strong and steady colors and for a particularly composed formal composition. The theme, fruit of the imagination of thi modenese artist, is always ethnic-tribal, a world that always exicited him and from which he can't coming off. His artworks, sending back to this primitive and fantastic world, almost a metamorphosis, infuse us of an unespected joy and deflect us from the suffered daily problems. Only for this, beyond the certain quality of his work and the low cost, it will be worthy to own this artworks.