Giuseppe Chiari


"Fluxus is:
- un attitude towards art
- for the importace of non-importance
- the details of life
- the only artistic movement capable of bitting its own tail
- more important than you think
- less important than you think
- send a spectacle to to its death
- reading another person's newspaper through a hole made in your own
- falling asleep and snoring during a Sockhausen concert
- throwing 20 liters of oil on a stage during Gisèle
- Vostell when he explains the history of art
- George Brecht when he avoids the history of art"

L. Vinca Masini, Arte contemporanea, cit., p. 815
Publications: "Art is easy, art is difficult", catalogue of the homonym exhibition by, may 2007, page 89.

Year: 2007

Technique: Mixed on paper

Size: 70 x 50 cm

Other Information: Signed, Framed

ID: 003774

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Market Review (Friday, 22 February 2008)

Very high due to the importance of the concept of the work
[Quotation to 22/02/2008: € 1,440.00)
Short term potentiality:
Medium/long term potentiality:
Geographic expansion:
This artwork of Chiari is very important because it summarize the basic concept of the Fluxus and the Dadaism: the object as art. In a brief way Giuseppe Chiari say as that when an object lost any functionality (the lottery ticket expired is completely unuseful); the unique purpose remaining is the aesthetic one. The artist that well known this concept, takes the object and using only the aesthetic feature make it an artwork! A very important artwork purposeful for the artist: do not lose it.