LA2 (Angel Ortiz)

Purple Splotch

"(...) I could tell that this person, whoever it was, knew something about drawing that not everybody knows. I began asking other graffiti writers if they knew who LA2 was. Finally, three month later, I met him. (...)"
Keith Haring, August 24, 1982

Year: 2001

Technique: Paint marker and oil on cardboard

Size: 46 x 61 cm

Other Information: Signed

ID: 003865

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Market Review (Friday, 18 May 2007)

[Quotation to 18/05/2007: € 1,650.00)
Short term potentiality:
Medium/long term potentiality:
Geographic expansion:
With this artwork LA2 seems to carry us back to the pure idea of the graffiti art, intends as "street art". The faded and volatile sign of violet spray is almost directly ripped from one of these murales that color the grey of our metropolis, and is in contrast with the high definition and the dazzling color of the background, in a game of double focus. We return necessarily to the origins of this artist, that "urban style" which is making himself very popular even out of the boundest group of conoisseurs.