LA2 (Angel Ortiz)


"(...) I could tell that this person, whoever it was, knew something about drawing that not everybody knows. I began asking other graffiti writers if they knew who LA2 was. Finally, three month later, I met him. (...)"
Keith Haring, August 24, 1982

Year: 2008

Technique: Enamel on canvas

Size: 84 x 130 cm

Other Information: Signed

ID: 004961

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Market Review (Friday, 18 April 2008)

Very Good
[Quotation to 18/04/2008: € 3,852.00)
Short term potentiality:
Continuosly increasing
Medium/long term potentiality:
Very Good perspective
Geographic expansion:
LA2 is an important artist because he inherits the american graffiti style of Keith Haring. He works for three years with the most famous american "writers" of the '80. He perpective of quotations incresing are very high and buying today is big artworks should be an unpredictable bet.