Donna Franklin & Gary Cass

Fibre Reactive

The piece Fibre Reactive is a unique living garment. By its very existence, this dress aims to raise debate around the contentious manipulation of living entities as commodity and culture / nature interfaces, body – cloth dynamic. This work uses microbiology as an artistic tool. Fibre Reactive consists of the fungi Pycnoporus coccineus common name (orange bracket fungus). The mycelium of the organism has been grown to produce the living surface. The orange surface produced is an adaptation of the organism’s fruiting body stage. This is due to the impact of artificial external manipulation within the laboratory; this context re-locates the fungi within a pseudo-environment. The dress is initially supplied with nutrients that mediate - replicate its needs within the natural environment. The organism is now reliant on technology and human intervention to survive. New technologies greatly impact cultural construction. They rapidly shape our understanding of reality, identity and interaction with the environment. It is therefore important for cultural practitioners and theorists to debate the consequences and to evaluate these potential futures, as they will inevitably impact upon sociological and cultural awareness. Our relationship to technology can be described as ‘ the “post human” condition, where the products such as make-up and surgery, drugs, mobile telephones’ have become so intergrated with our everyday lives that they become ‘technological extensions of our biological bodies’1. We are so comfortable and familiar with these technologies that they have ‘become normalised’2. The development of biotechnologies takes technological integration beyond the mere mechanical to a real primal level. As a species, humans have separated themselves from the immediate experience of the natural world with technology. Through intervention we have constructed a “cultured” experience of nature. This mediated experience, manifested by culture industries, creates a disassociation to the origin of the raw materials. Fibre Reactive confronts the viewer with the physical actuality and visceral experience of a living garment through the juxtaposition of the familiar with the “alien”. It is the intention of the work to rupture the meaning of garment and its role in commodity culture and draw attention to our own mortality. Provoking questions such as: Are there potential dangers to the body? Could the living dress consume the human body? Or could the human body consume the dress?

Year: 2006

Technique: Mixed

Size: 198 x 75 x 75 cm

Quotation: € 5,000.00

Other Information: Signed, Framed

ID: 005735

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