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Marilyn Monroe New York

I couldn't sleep, on September night in 2001. I simply couldn't. The picture of those planes bursting into offices, the clouds of smoke that exploded from nowhere, the sudden collapse of the Towers, kept coming back to mind and I was grief-stricken. Than Morpheus granted me deep, refreshing sleep and gave me a gift: a dream.
In my dream I was suspended in the great open space left by collapsed Towers: I was there, who knows how. Then I looked up, and there were Clark Gable and Jemas Dean... Spencer Tracy... Sophia Loren... Marilyn Monroe... Ava Gardner... Greta Garbo... Marcello Mastroianni... Brigitte Bardot... Charlie Chaplin... Malipiero

Year: 2009

Technique: Collage

Size: 90 x 110 cm

Other Information: Signed, Framed

ID: 007127

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