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How to publish your works in the ARTantide Museum

Would you like to publish your works in the ARTantide Museum and follow their quotations?

The aim of ARTantide Museum is to to become the most complete and extensive collection of public and private collections of modern and contemporary art of the world, by online exhibiting a huge number of valuable, both Italian and international, artists.
You just will be allowed to include in the ARTantide Museum only copies extant. A qualified Scientific Committee will examine every single request of admittance, before approving the inclusion of the work in the ARTantide Museum; we will consider only those works which have the necessary documents attached to prove their authenticity.Having your works, with description file and bibliography, included in the ARTantide Museum, is an important sign of reliability an prestige, which also contributes towards the ratification of the economic value.
We will periodically print a General Catalogue, which is going to include the works exhibited in the museum every year.

Benefits for collectors and foundations

  • Having a complete archives of your own works, you can easily online consult and manage.
  • Having your works' quotations always at your disposal, up-to date, allowing to value them and their appreciations in an objective manner (the access is only for the work's owner);
  • Having the possibility to alienate one or more works anytime you want, knowing in advance the quotation and the brokerage expenses.
  • Having a tool, which increases the reliabilty of the collection and certificates its value. Anonymity guarantee (Private Collection) or, if you prefer it, clear indication of property (e.g. Smith Collection) or indication of a pseudonym.
  • Having all works published on the General Catalogue of the Museum.

For further information about the tools we offer for managing your own collection, please read the page: Ho do I manage the artworks of my collection published in the ARTantide Museum?

How to include your works in the museum

You just need to send the following documents to the ARTantide.com executive office:

  • Collector's personal data (Name, adress, postcode, town, phone number);
  • Colour photo of the work (at least two, in case of sculptures);
  • Author, title, year, technique, size and, in case you already know it, suggested quotation;
  • Possible catalogues, magazines or newspapers, where the work was published (black and white copies are enough);
  • Authentication and/or origin of the work (black and white copies are enough).

Shipment: in case of digital material, you can also send it by e-mail (only high definition photos: high quality jpeg, size between 1500x1500 and 2500x2500 pixel). The material must be sent to the following address:

EbLand s.r.l.
Via Germania, 14 - 37136 Verona
tel. 045 8622389, fax 045 4852047
e-mail: .

Our Scientific Committe will answer your request as soon as possible.