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Plan for the Accumulation of Artistic Capital (P.A.P.A.)

A new way of looking at the future, by investing in art by degrees

P.A.P.A. The way it works

  • P.A.P.A.* works like a Plan for the Accumulation of Capital, with the difference that, instead of receiving a righted-up asset, you obtain works of art and, instead of receiving everything on the due date, you start receiving the works as soon as you pay the first rates;
  • The duration is variable, 5 to 20 years, with monthly or yearly payments; the lowest rate which can be set aside is 50 € and the payment plan can be adjusted to your personal needs;
  • For every rate you pay, you receive an immediate revaluation, which varies from 4% to 10%, depending on the chosen plan; it adds to the revaluation determined by the market ;
  • Starting from the first rate, you decide, together with the artistic consultant, in which work you should better invest; once you receive the first work, you will plan the next purchase, and so one, till the due date of the plan;
  • All the works you are going to choose with P.A.P.A. will be delivered to the investor with their certificates (authentication, registration number, preservation form, sale contract);
  • You can find the up-to-date quotations and the accrued appreciations online, on ARTantide.com, and on the statement of account we will send you.
  • The resale of the works of art is personally handled by the ARTantide.com team of experts.

A Winning Strategy

P.A.P.A.* represent an axclusive investment opportunity: they allow small and big savers to create an artistic capital, which is intended eventually to rise its value.

Professional management

You don't need to be an art expert to create your own artistic capital by using the P.A.P.A.*; a team of art experts and market consultants support the investors in making their choices.


By stimulating investments, P.A.P.A. help having goals and creating the necessary capital gradually, by taking little amounts of money from current savings.


Joining a P.A.P.A. is easy. Right from the first rate, you can choose the work you would like to invest in. The choice of the work will be a pleasure, as a matter of fact you will be guided by the competence and professionalism of the ARTantide.com experts, or, if you prefer, you can follow your taste and sensitiveness.

Fiscal benefits

  • No tax is due on the Capital Gain that the private customers reach by reselling the works;
  • Entrepreneurs benefit from up to 40% tax savings, invest in their image and communication through their firms;
  • Professionals benefit from up to 45% fiscal savings yearly, if they invest up to 1% of their income.

P.A.P.A. have neither entry commissions nor operating costs.

* P.A.P.A. are not financial products, they are periodical plans for the purchasing of personal properties; because of that we are able to apply such high tax reliefs.
You are not allowed to buy resold or C level works, which come directly from collectors, by using P.A.P.A.

For further information or questions about P.A.P.A., or if you want to arrange a meeting with an artistic/financial consultant, please mail to , call +39 045 8622389 or send a fax (+39 045 4852047).