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Ethical Manifesto of Matteo Mezzadri

The architecture of ties


We are aware that

The Western world has to deal with an epochal challenge. The cultural model based on secular and liberalist individualism - that made the West great and powerful, enabling it to question everything (from religion to the very concept of state, from the rights of men and women to those of animals and of the Natural environment) - that cultural model is entering into a crisis. We need to rethink the model and its principles deeply, in a sense we need to revolutionize the whole Architecture of ties that underpins our civil life.


Fox example

To face the challenge of the great migratory flows and the more or less forced re-mixing of civilizations, we must not erect physical walls that defend us from the fear of change, but we must break down our inner walls to open ourselves to new social and political experiments. We need to review our dear individualism to look for an inclusive model that transforms into a resource what we see now as a threat and, at the same time, we must demand the same openings from those whom we will welcome.



We believe that

To revolutionize the Architecture of ties, one must face the problem of the relationship with the other; “the other” can be the black man for the white, the Jew for the Palestinian, the rich for the poor, the woman for man, the north of the world for the south of the world, the margins for the center, the Audience for the artist;

In the great megalopolis as in the small town in the province, multicultural contrasts tend to harshen, and the pluralist modern society can overcome the concept of nation-state to evolve into a supranational entity in which the concept of “inclusion” does not mean assimilation, but opening towards those who are mutually strangers and who want to stay so.




We want to act

Through art as a powerful tool to challenge that individualistic attitude that often seems to us to be too well-settled to change the point of view, to urge us to a reflection that, otherwise, we would not do; Considering the “beautiful form”, the aesthetics of the image and the innovation that it encapsulates, are nothing but the carriers that carry this vision of the world and make it intelligible, penetrating, symbolic and, therefore, universal;

With the installations of Matteo Mezzadri that are born from the need to tell about the real world getting out from the solipsistic individualism in which the contemporary artist seems to fall, to face the “making art” as a matter of collective interest, as generating a sense (not only an aesthetic one) that finds in the public involvement and participation its moment of maximum accomplishment.

The walls that will be erected inside the spaces that will host the installations will be walls made of simple cavity bricks, but thanks to the artifice made by the artist, those same bricks will immediately make us remember very familiar structures, since we inhabit and live in them every day: buildings, skyscrapers and entire cities, but special cities, pushed to the limit of a precarious balance between the abyss and salvation.

Only true participation can show us the right path to avoid the first and seek the second. and Matteo Mezzadri believe that the search for a new model of social cohesion is the

most effective ethical way to build a better world.



Last Museal Projects


2023 | Rethinking the Cities, Fabbrica del Vapore, Milan, Italy



2022 | Alem da Etica, Museo "De Arte de Blumenau", Blumenau, Brasil



2022 | RE-GENESIS - Sull'Orlo del Cielo, Museum Diocesano of Vicenza



2022 | The Times of Chimeras, National Pavilion of the Republic of Cameroon, 59. La Biennale di Venezia



2021 | External Landscapes, Civic Museum "La Casa del Suono", Parma (Italy)



2020 | ARTEOLOGIA - Oltre l'Etica, Archeological Museum of Vicenza (Italy)



2019 | Oltre l'Etica, Paranaense Museum, 14th International Biennale of Curitiba (Brasil)



2019 | Miradas Compartidas, Centro Hispanoamericano, l'Habana (Cuba)



2018 | Emerging Perspectives, Palacio de Lombillo, l'Habana (Cuba)



2018 | ARTEOLOGIA, National Archeological Museum of Venice



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