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hengi | people at the center


When you come into contact with the hengi reality (a company with a high level of corporate training), the watchword is happiness. Happiness creates freedom and freedom can change the world.



Attention to people and collaboration are at the heart of hengi's vision. When as children we dreamed of being superheroes and superheroines saving the world with their superpowers we felt unbeatable and able to overcome any obstacle, no matter how big it was.



By introducing in the company the artworks of Marco Bertìn (belonging to the Ethical Art Movement) that accompany the working day of the hengi team, creating a special atmosphere, they play to legitimize people to feel a bit like superheroes, able to change the world , through their work.



The artworks belong to the "Made in China" series, and contain a strong criticism of an economic system often drugged by the goal of "the lowest possible production price" as the only competitive advantage. The paintings represent symbolic objects of Western culture, but are produced in countries where they are defined as anti-ideological, also creating discontent among the workers.



The business system that is generated around the ideal of the lowest price is a "sick" system, which does not find, in the people who make it up, a sufficient reason to exist outside of money (TWTW).



Instead, being part of a world made up of quality business (TBTB) where not only capital is placed at the center, but above all the people who create value, automatically entails the birth of a mechanism of self-realization that leads to happiness and freedom.



hengi's way of training business managers and coordinators has the power to take business to a new level, in symbiosis with the planet and the people who inhabit it, teaching its customers to create a corporate reality aimed at social legitimacy.



In a suggestive meeting room there is a reinterpretation of the Quarto Stato by Pellizza da Volpedo, painted by Gianfranco Gentile (artist of the Ethical Art Movement).

The painting (entitled Beyond the State) represents almost a hundred characters (made with soft pastel on corrugated cardboard) who have written history with their ideas and innovations.

The feeling you get when you sit at the table in the center of the room is that of sitting with those characters who really changed the world they lived in.



In the classroom, where entrepreneurs and managers are hosted, stands out the painting by Alessandro Zannier (also belonging to the Ethical Art Movement), "Impasse", a polyptych of painted canvas and black plexiglass, laser engraved.

In the work, the figure of Albert Einstein alternates on one side and that of Adolf Hitler on the other. The two historical characters are ideally connected by a thread that runs along the path of knowledge in a closed circle. The first pole, that of Einstein, represents the greatest and purest form of wisdom and scientific knowledge that with the passing of progress can become first power and then a means of repression, represented at the opposite pole by Hitler.

The second part of the cycle, on the other hand, starting from a situation of submission and repression, pushes the ingenuity to find new solutions to get the best out of difficult circumstances until reaching the highest level of knowledge and wisdom.

The painting is a constant provocation for those who attend hengi lessons and warns about the possible threats given by knowledge and power if used improperly, but on the other hand it arouses certainties for those who go through a bad situation and realize that through the knowledge, ambition and commitment can find the way out.



The artworks that have been placed in the company, in addition to an aesthetic value, work as a stimulus for every person who passes through the corridors and rooms of the company, recalling the path that hengi has decided to take to build a better world, in which beauty and emotions play a crucial role.

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